Basic Summary Edit

Korrina is a 10-year-old girl on the team in the RPG. Korrina uses her Pokémon to battle (see Weaknesses). She has not bought anything, and is not commonly seen compared to others, like Kirito or Decimarks.

Strengths Edit

Has a bodyguard Decimarks (SEE TRIVIA) is (technically) her bodyguard (See Decimarks's Trivia).

Good at rollerskating Korrina is the best in the group at rollerskating, not to mention she is the ONLY one who knows how to rollerskate in the whole group.

Weaknesses Edit

Doesn't know how to fight Without her Pokémon, she cannot fight.

Trivia Edit

She has a massive crush on Decimarks (Character).

Korrina, Asuna, and Rouge are the only females in the group.

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