"I'm just a kid who loves adventure." - Decimarks when first meeting Kirito.

Basic Summary Edit

Decimarks is a character based on the glitch "Decimarks". He is in a group with Kirito and Mario in disguise as Shadow. However, that is just the MAIN team. There are more members.

Known Facts Edit

Decimarks is a kid who loves adventure and darkness. He is the fastest kid he knows in his class. Decimarks is a ten-year-old male, even though his face is always covered in a Meta Knight Mask.

Strengths Edit

Good at finding things He will scan a room with his eyes. This nearly assures finding objects.

Shadow Manipulation He can become a shadow, infuse objects (like Kirito's Elucidator and Dark Repulser), and CONSUME objects (Like Raditz's Spaceship).

Swift He can sprint extremely quickly.

Weaknesses Edit

Confused Easily If you bring up anything even the slightest bit confusing, he will be stuck on it for a while.

Short Temper Getting him enraged is rather easy. He also outrages about it for about half an hour.

Addicted to Sonic and Pokémon video games Once you give him a Sonic or Pokémon video game, he will probably not stop for a while.

Trivia Edit

He has a huge crush on Korrina. This will sometimes drive him to insane lengths to protect her at all costs, even in-game death.

His team has 7 members, the second most amount in game (The largest is the Sonic heroes).

He can use Chaos Control.

He gets amnesia every night, so he has to look into a Chaos Emerald to get his memory back (The memory will be stored inside the Emerald itself).

Decimarks is a self-implement of the creator of the wiki, ChaosController448.

Decimarks has two different swords, the second only usable if in water.

 The Decimarks Sword I is a stick-type sword with a cloth for a handle. It will stick a spike through the hand of any other users.
 The Decimarks Sword II, however, does not do this. It is used for dispersing large amounts of energy in a wave.

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