Basic Summary Edit

The Team is a team consisting of eight members: Kirito, Decimarks, Shadow (Mario), E-123 Omega, Rouge, Korrina, and Asuna. It is called "The Team" because no names could be made.

Possible Names Edit

One thought was "Alpha Team", but it was scrapped for unknown reasons.

Strengths Edit

Dimension Travellers The Team can travel to the Virtual World (Sword Art Online), Mobius, and Pokémon X and Y, along with Planet Namek.

Large Team Being 8 members large, it is hard to win against them (see Trivia).

Weaknesses Edit

Large Team Being 8 members large, it is easy to become confused.

Trivia Edit

If Korrina is defeated, Decimarks will gain a 500% power bonus, due to the fact that Decimarks has a MASSIVE crush on her, and vice versa.

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